Instead of fixing "symptoms" with diets and workouts…

Fix The Root Cause Of Your Obesity = Your Daily Habits!

With our step-by-step habit building program...

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    Habits specific to fat loss, improved health (and fitness).
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    Long term solution. No fad diets, no calorie counting.
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    Used by over 26600 women since 2013.
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    How? With our step-by-step habit building program.
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    Habits specific to fat loss, improved health (and fitness).
  • check
    Long term solution. No fad diets, no calorie counting.
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    Used by over 26600 women since 2013.

Start right now with instant access!

What Exactly Is This "Foundation" Program?

It's All About Forming Those Vital Daily Habits That Lead To Losing Unwanted Fat.

However, unlike most diet programs out there, Foundation not only shows you what and why to do it, but it goes one step ahead and teaches you HOW to do it.

You already know you need to "improve your lifestyle", well, Foundation teaches you HOW to do it.

So the mission, the aim of the program is to help you get this 'positive cycle' going in your life…

  • First, Foundation shows you exactly WHICH and HOW to form those habits, step-by-step.
  • This leads to small behavioral changes leading to better daily choices (with regards to food, activity, etc.).
  • Which ultimately leads to permanent, long term results (fat loss, better health/fitness).

And it's no surprise that when you SEE results in the mirror, it fuels better behavior, and the positive feedback cycle ensues!

The important thing is...

Long term fat loss results (and better health) are obtained ONLY AND ONLY by adopting tiny, yet powerful daily habits, successfully done over weeks, over months (or even years).

And that's what the Foundation's main habit module teaches you.

Right from discovering…

  • 1
    The entire false (diet) propaganda fed to us for the last few years.
  • 2
    FOUNDATION™ will next teach you how to  live and lead a healthy life, NOT a starved life! That means - no depriving yourself, no counting calories, no apps, no journals!
  • 3
    Then you will discover the  exact science (and art) behind forming those critical fat loss habits that'll not only help you to drop gobs of unwanted fat, but also to improved health (digestion, energy, performance).
  • 4
    Next, it teaches you how to conquer the inevitable juncture where 95% women fail – staying accountable!
  • 5
    Then you’ll see the million dollar “daily ritual” method. This is our members most favorite part.
  • 6
    And how about tasting success with the snowball technique that will literally create a giant “habit snowball”!
  • 7
    Then you’ll see the  massive power behind doing… LESS
  • 8
    Of course, with our prediction method, you’ll be able to predict EXACTLY where you’ll be, one year from now.
  • 9
    Next – The reason why S.M.A.R.T. goals FAIL , and how you can COMPLETELY 'bypass' them!
  • 10
    Ultimately – the purpose of the program is empowering you, so you learn HOW to (and which) habits to adopt; so you can start enjoying every day of your lifewithout obsessing about food ever again

"However, that's not it. That's just the beginning of the program!
So once you are, what we call a "Habit Master"...

The next step is to put it in practice.

Meaning, sure, understanding the "Why, How and What" of fat loss habits is the first, mandatory step.

With that, you would be wayyy ahead of more than 90% of all women out there...

... however, to actually get those awesome results, you must put it to action.

That's where the second half of FOUNDATION takes over!

So once the main Habits module is done... you follow it up with the action modules...


"I was sure that this would be another 'juice cleanse', thanks for surprising me..."

The perfect follow-up to the Habits module - an effective, honest cleanse so you can begin your fat loss journey with a (literally) clean slate!

Now, you probably know that...

When you search for the words “detox” or “cleanse”, 9 out of 10 times you end up on shady websites selling ‘gut cleanses’ and other unproven (and often dangerous) powders, pills, and other stuff.

Conversely, a “honest” cleanse means exactly that – ‘cleansing’ your system with 100% natural methods, aka, by using a detoxing (and a very tasty!) food plan.


"I love the visual guide! Not counting calories anymore is a blessing!"

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    This is one of the most effective nutrition system without calorie counting, journals or even a starvation diet plan.
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    Learn how to quickly and easily "eyeball" the proper meal ratios... no stress involved.
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    How you can 'eat more' yet lose weight (this one is a real no-brainer).
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    How to NEVER Be Hungry (And Still Lose Weight)
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    The surprising principles that help people live to 100... and also attain ideal health, and tons of energy.


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    Who says you need to join the gym to get lean and fit? Not me!
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    This is a full, yet simple, bodyweight exercise program for women of all ages & fitness levels.
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    Complete with illustrations & now with demo HD videos.
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    Adjusts as per YOUR difficulty level, has 5 different plans as per your experience.
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    No crazy cardio, no dumbbells, no bands or other equipment needed.


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    7 out of 10 women who join the Foundation program suffer from food cravings and emotional eating.
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    So here's the solution to it. Yes, THE SOLUTION to your cravings!
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    I can say that confidently because it's 100% based on Science, and backed by thousands of my members successfully using it.
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    Includes the full step-by-step formula.
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    NOTE: This was earlier sold as an addon, now it's part of Foundation starting Jan 2018. :)


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    Usually I don't do meal plans, but based on a huge demand, here it is!
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    You get a full meal plan for 30 days which you can rinse and repeat, and even customize.
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    Completely formulated as per the "No Nonsense Nutrition" principles = guilt-free!
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    Includes full recipes and instructions.
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    WARNING - The recipes are extremely tasty if I do say so myself! :)

Yes, there's more!

Apart from all these highly effective modules that will not only help you burn gobs of fat, you ALSO GET my relentless support in your journey!

Being a "one woman company", you girls are all I've got!

So you get my full personal support - ask me your queries, get help with your habits, diet, etc. (You'll get my personal email id for it.)

But Why Habits In The First Place?
Why Wouldn't A "Good Diet" Work?

Chances are, you already went through my 7-Step Crash Course, REBOOT.

Over there I explain in much detail that women who have complete control on their habits are the ones who go on to become success stories. 

But if you haven't read that, here are the 3 simple reasons why most diet plans eventually fail, at least for 9 out of 10 people.

Pop this open to see them ↗

And there's a also a complex reason why a "good" diet won't help you in the long run...

You see...

Most of us already know the basics… what to eat, what not… the good/bad foods, etc….

Meaning you definitely have some idea about say, good carbs, bad carbs?

So there isn't really anything "ground-breaking" that you might learn...

However… the REAL PROBLEM with most diet programs is...

… for one reason or the other, we’re unable to *STICK* with a particular plan, sustain a plan.

By the way, that's exactly why  Cindy loved about the Foundation program! Let's hear what she says...

So usually we don’t fail to lose weight (or keep it off) because we’re eating the wrong foods, doing the wrong exercises, or we don’t have some *secret* diet.

We fail because we keep changing the diet, the guru, the plan, the motivation source… everything but… *ourselves*.

We fail because we keep changing WHAT we do, without changing WHO we are.

Here's what I mean...

When a relationship’s going downhill, you can read those “47 tips to fix your broken relationship” all day… be more romantic, pay more attention to your partner’s needs, blah blah blah.

But at the end of the day, if your bad temper is the reason for the problem, there is no secret tip or trick on the planet that can fix the relationship.

You need to fix the root cause – the temper. Period.

It’s not at all different for weight loss.

Band-Aids don’t work here. Counting calories, popping pills, dubious shakes, YouTube workouts, they're all “symptom fixers“ because they don't fix the root cause - your daily behavior!

See this image again...

Changing yourself is nothing but ==> changing your daily behavior, which results in ==> long term change in your choices ==> which brings about those awesome results!

Conversely, no change in daily behavior ==> no change in choices ==> no change in your body… no matter how many times you introduce a new game plan.

And no author or fitness expert tells you that your weight loss success is NOT about the goal…it's not about those “30lb lost”… NO!

… it’s ALL about the 99% time spent on the process, the daily grind, most of which don’t show any significant results!

So does that mean all diets are "bad"?

Of course not!


Coz if you can't stick with a plan, even a custom, highly personalized diet won't help.

Have People Used This Before?
How Were The Results/Experiences Like?

Yes! The program’s been online for over 4 years now… we've got mush more than 26000 members who've adopted the program in their lives!

And I’m happy to tell you that our refund rate has been less than 1.5%!

That means over 98% of all our members have used and loved the program!

Here are emails, pics, videos and user reviews we've got over the years…

Natalie - (27 years old) from Sydney 

"After the loss of my father, I lost control in terms of what I was eating and started gaining a lot of weight..."

Jill - (35 years old) from Philadelphia

"Weight gain, followed by weight loss, then weight gain, then weight loss… and then ultimately more weight gain!"

Barbara - (28 years old) from Pittsburg

"... My tummy actually started ‘sagging’.  
Finally, after multiple failed attempts at losing weight, I fell into deep depression..."

Ginny - (48 years old) from Phoenix

"My 12yr old daughter innocently pointed out that I now had ‘old ladies legs... all lumpy and bumpy around the upper thigh..."

Michelle - (35 years old) from Dallas

"The real crunch came in April last year when I tried on 8 pairs of  jeans in my wardrobe and not one of them fit me..."

Susan - (55 years old) from New York

He said, "After 50 everyone turns into an apple”… 
“Hmmm,” I thought “I am now 54, that’s something to look forward to!"

And here are some emails WE'VE GOT over the years. Click on the green buttons to view the full emails.

"...the best thing I can say is how easy you make habit building..." 

"...lost 3 pounds in just the last 10 days!" 

"... habit principles are very easy to implement..." 

"... your habit building method. LOVE IT!" 

"...haven't had any problems from the beginning..." 

"...results-wise I've lost 7 pounds in 5 weeks!" 

"... lost a total of 14 pounds (originally I was 180).." 

"... liked & loved your brilliant habit method!" 

And all these women come from all walks of life…

Some are married…some have kids… some are single and working.. Some are married, have kids and are working!

But No Matter Who YOU Are…

The principles in the Foundation program work because they’re based on Habits… a common factor among all civilized humans!

The principles in the Foundation program work because they’re based on Habits… a common factor among all civilized humans!

So here's a summary of everything you'd be getting (instantly) once you are a member...

#1 The Main Foundation Habit Master Module

The only nutrition plan that will have you eating MANY tasty foods, while losing weight at a steady rate.

All without calorie counting, logging in apps, or doing any complicated math. Simple is good enough for all of us. :)

#2 The 9-Day Honest Cleanse

The cleanse that won't have you starving, juicing, or trying out some shady products.

Instead, this one's 100% based on Science, and is aimed to produce real results while giving your digestive system a much needed rest!

#3 The No-Nonsense Nutrition Plan

The only nutrition plan that will have you eating MANY tasty foods, while losing weight at a steady rate.

All without calorie counting, logging in apps, or doing any complicated math.

#4 The 8-Weeks No Equipment Workout Plan

The only nutrition plan that will have you eating MANY tasty foods, while losing weight at a steady rate.

All without calorie counting, logging in apps, or doing any complicated math.

#5 The Science-Backed: Cravings Control Formula

Willpower and motivation will fail in the long run. You already know that.

That's why we need the help of a logical, scientific method to control our cravings. This is the system we all need!

#6 Full 30 Day Meal Plan, With Complete Recipes

"But what do I eat?"

The answer to the most common question I get like almost every other day!

Full 30 days of meal plans with starters and desserts.

And by now, looking at how comprehensive this program has become over the years, most women start thinking that it’s going to cost a bomb.

And it depends on what you call “costly”… normally the program sells for $77.00


…because I am on a mission here to prove to you that you DO NOT need shakes, pills and gadgets to lose weight…

I am going to do something I have never done before.

I am offering the next 50 members, the entire Foundation program for an absolute no-brainer price of…

McAfee Secure®, One-Time Payment of...

Just  $77 $47!

(Apply coupon get30off on the next page)

Amy Groves Says...

(From Amy and Aron's Blog)

"The Fit Finally program does seem to have a very unique habit based approach to weight loss.

We were surprised to see the inclusion of a nutrition, workout and a cravings controlling program at a price where most other online diet programs charge a recurring fee and/or an enormous upfront fee. The Foundation program does look good with some really solid techniques...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a monthly recurring purchase?

Is this a physical book? Do you ship me a physical copy?

Just $47? What’s the catch here?

Where can I contact you if I need to ask something?

What if I don’t like something?

​I’m already overwhelmed, why is this different?

​Is this usable for my family, or just me?

​One last question – will this REALLY work!?

The best time to start was yesterday...
...the next best time is NOW!

And For Just $77 $47!

(Apply coupon get30off on the next page)

P.S. Remember, the Habits module alone is well worth $100 by itself. But the reason you're seeing this crazy low price is because I want this in the hands of maximum women!

P.P.S. Plus, with the addition of the Cravings Control Formula, this really becomes one of, if not THE most comprehensive fat loss training program today.

And remember, you have my industry-shattering, no "support desks" 101 days guarantee!

Optional: Read The Back Story... How I Became The "Habit Master" In The First Place

Click here to find it out (WARNING: It's a detailed story)

Imani, Anne, Jeni, the list goes on... the Foundation program has literally helped thousands of women! 

And it won't just help you with weight loss. The principles within will improve your health, fitness and overall quality of life! That, I promise!

So Isn't It Time YOU Finally Saw Those Amazing Results?


I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies...

And guess what, it's not much different for us.

You can take the blue pill - and go back to a world of diet plans, "fat burning" pills, back-breaking workouts, and fancy gadgets.


You can take the red pill - and continue down the rabbit hole. Find out HOW it's done, APPLY it in YOUR life, and finally attain that physique and health you always wanted.

So let's see what you girls say about this...


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