"The ONE factor that decides how much weight you'll ever lose is... your daily habits!"

"The ONE factor that decides how much weight you'll ever lose is... your daily habits!"

Hi! I am Betty Hartley, and for the last 8 years I've been helping people lose weight, get back in shape, and MAINTAIN their new body with the help of a few key daily habits.

Wish to discover these habits? Great! 

Get started with REBOOT - my 3-step behavior guide.

Everything begins when you...

Take ACTION! People talk about making a change, but never even take the first step.

That's why I have laid it out for you, step-by-step, so you can start discovering the steps you absolutely must take before you see even a few pounds of weight lost.

the behavioral step

Discover the one critical behavioral change, the one realization that lead me (and subsequently thousands of others) to steady weight loss, and maintaining it!

the SNEAKY step

There's a dangerous sneaky thing that ''runs' inside all of us; a catalyst of sorts to many of your external habits.
Find out what it is, and how to avoid it over here.


Finally, this is where you take yourself from thinking about eating more veggies, de-cluttering your life, walking more, sleeping better, stressing less to... actually doing it!

Let's begin by rebooting your thoughts, habits and actions!

What people say...

Over the years, we have received hundreds of emails, comments, and even videos from users who have used and loved the Fit Finally programs. Here are few of them...

"I had completely given up on my weight, which was creeping over the last few years. 

Even after trying some popular diet programs and getting some results, all the lost weight used to come back (and more!).

I thought I that's simply "how I'll be" from now on until I read the 3 steps from Betty's free guide. After taking the crash course, my entire thinking was transformed.

I suddenly realized the importance of my daily habits, how normal people should actually structure goals (and attain them), and how I could keep the weight off for years, possibly forever!"
Would I recommend Betty's program? 200%!

Mindy Olson 

Freelancing journalist

"I don't usually quote or comment on people's blogs or websites. But I have to make an exception for Betty.

I met her in New York in 2016 when both of us had enrolled for Crossfit's L1 training course.

That's when she introduced me to a completely new way of training clients and obtaining steady and almost mind-blowing results! I never focused much on my clients' habits and rather concentrated on motivating them.

Alas, this is why many of my clients saw initial results, but slipped back to their old habits after a few months.

Not anymore, and I only have one person to thank!"

Jason Costello

Personal trainer

Isn't it time YOU began your REAL fat loss journey?

Without complicated diet plans, without extreme workout programs, without any 'magic' pills, with zero gimmicks, and absolutely no nonsense!

Just 3 simple steps, and I guarantee you your entire perspective will change!

Let's go!

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